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Piece by Piece... coming together. As we build.

From keyboard stands to Truss stands.. we build. 

Gearing up! Checkin it twice and then some....Technology  

So we spent this day setting up/checkin... First time banners all up, running monitor mixes, checkin all wireless vocal mics, fine tuning "front of house sound"  Lighting rigs. - All running on our "band network/WIFI" 

     To think back in the days.... to just "plug in and go"  w'e've come a long way, and we jump in with both feet. Below are just a few pics from the day. Reheasing coming along nicely. Looking forward to getting back out there and sharing with you all. 

Tony Capobianco on Drums! 

Tony Capobianco now playing drums for "Time Piece" Tony comes with a freshness, and many years of experience. We welcome Tony to the band and look forward to working together and a new future going forward.


As we wish our longtime drummer "Phil Guastella" a "farewell"  -Respecting Phil's wishes... there is an "uneasiness" in our current world and rightly so. Phil has chosen to step aside in light of these new times we all live in. We wish Phil all the best to him, his family, and all his endeavors. Rock on our brother!

Drum Head/check! 

Time Piece -Drum Head ready to be hit!.    

Choose your "Pick" wisely 


Time Piece - "Picks! Get ready to catch them.  

New Trombone Player joins the band! 


Born with a "sliver horn" in his mouth.. wait a second, that doesn't sound right. Our AMV thinks he's a wantabe "Trombone player" And funny enough, his first instrument was the "Soprano horn" with drum and bugle corps. Arnold has been playin music since the age of 5. Learning the keyboards on a cheap "Magnavox" organ. The kind that warms up with a noisy built fan inside that sounded more like a cheap "Accordion" But it gave him his roots and a foundation of learning music. Reading music, theory,  orchestration, and the basic fundamentals of music. But more important... a love of music which began to grow and expand. We welcome Arnold into the band, and look forward to what he brings to TIME PIECE...A graphic designer, IT man,... and a experienced, top keyboard player... we forgot to mention that last one.         

A new beginning  "One door closes.. another opens" 

As we look to the future, TIME PIECE  in ready to shift high into gear. Always adding new material... Be on the lookout for the latest update info and news!

Hold on, the ride is about to get bumpy....

For the Ready....  rehearsals' comin along...  
Fine tuning at Absolute Music In Hazlet, NJ 

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!!! And Time PIECE is no different. Musically challenging... and we do NOT take the easy way out. Behind the scenes.. there's quite a bit work involved to make everything sound best we can and go just right.  

Tech stuff for the Nerd in ya! 
AMV's computers' rig... Macbook Pro and iPad


Some things in "Time" does have it's advantages and Technology is one of them. To think how accustom we've all gotten used to it. From our phones, computers, instant  information literally at our finger tips....... and the "Music field" is no different. And Arnold relies/works with them.. From Apple's -"Main Stage" and "Logic" programs, to "apps" like- "Band Helper"-  for set lists, chords, notes, loops, reminders, Patch assignments... to external sounds, (A keyboard without the physical keyboard) samples, etc, you name it. The list goes on. How far we all have come. 

You are are always welcome to ask him about it and how it's used.  

The Electronic age is alive and well. Advancements always ongoing as "time" marches on...  

Leroy and Arnold...  how it gets done!
"Highway Star" solos.


When you live a distance away from each other...

sometimes the only way to work out the "kinks" is over the phone. 

Using their phones.... Leroy records and sends Arnold one harmony guitar section of the solo.  Arnold listening back... recording his part/solo over Leroys.

Combined parts are sent back to Leroy, we review and decide if it works. 

Here's the example of just that...

Technology at it's best! 

"Click Below"

"Highway Star" Leroy and Arnold mis section solos
Banners' away!! 
And so get designed. 


Not as easy as you may think. Sure, it looks good on a computer or on your phone, but when blown up ten by 8 foot, things tend to get blurry and out of focus. When resolution and detail count... we're goin for it!    

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